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NiUNiU HABiBi is an independent knitwear brand.

Inspired by a young girl called NiUNiU, who is relaxed, leisurely, grateful for nature and has a heart of softness.

Each NiUNiU HABiBi piece is handmade in Copenhagen, Denmark.

We dedicated to the use of natural and comfortable wool in a variety of products, appreciating nature and slow means of production.

Constantly striving for excellence in craftsmanship and material selection. 

The delicate use of crochet and knit makes each NiUNiU HABiBi item naturally unique and irreproducible. 

The surprise of the difference is hidden in every stitch.

NiUNiU HABiBi pieces will give you a soft, firm and sensual experience. It's like embracing the sunshine on a flock of sheep!

For wholesale or general questions, please email us from here.