In the winter of 2020, we began knitting mini hats and sweaters for our plush animals. Knitting is joyous since we could create our own patterns, shapes, experiment with various fabrics, and learn all the way through. We came up with the idea of making knitted gifts for people we care about. 

Both of us share a deep well of genuine feeling in life. Making handcrafted gifts for them gives us a sense of near euphoria, and in a sense, is a way for us to express our emotions and or bond with others. 

So this all started improvised when we were walking along Værnedamsvej in Copenhagen, 8th March 2021. NiUNiU became our gift, and our vision of the changing world.

Because of NiUNiU, we also have a place to devote ourselves to crochet hobby in addition to our busy daily work. In ordinary life, we realize that we receive great supports from our friends. We are grateful for their encouragement and advice, and they probably helped more than they think they did. Thank you all for everything and hope this little statement provides a small token of our gratitude. 

Thanks to our friends:
Alexandra, Cindy, Lenore, Myriam, Stefano, Shishi Eva, Tim, Tut, Kseniia and Wanling